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for artists

exclusive representation

Through years of experience in the arts industry, we have forged connections with international arts institutions including galleries, museums, and art fairs, as well as with other independent consultants and designers. Through exclusive representation, we leverage these relationships to catapult our artists onto both local and international stages. We work to create not only sales, but also recognition and credibility for our artists.

special projects

In addition to exclusive and direct artist representation, HUH Projects can also consult for artists on a per-project basis. Whether you are working on a licensing deal, a large-scale public project, or want to execute a one-time activation for a special event, HUH Projects is able to take the guesswork and logistical nightmares out of the equation so that you are free to simply create.

If you are an artist and would like to be represented by us, please email us at

for collectors

personal consulting

Part of the mission statement for HUH Projects is to take the intimidation out of the art world. Buying a first - or even second, or third, or 100th! - piece of art can be scary and confusing. When you use HUH Projects as your art consultancy, we will make sure that you can feel comfortable, confident, and proud of your art acquisitions. We will do the legwork of vetting the artist, researching the gallery, and negotiating the price, so that you can just enjoy the work that you love.

corporate consulting

HUH Projects is available to consult for corporate or public collections at various scales. Whether you would like artwork for a pop up concept or a piece for every room of a boutique hotel, we will help you conceptualize your entire project and provide clear, concise information and options for acquisition. 

If you are a collector and would like to engage us as your consultants, please email us at